Operational Documents

STORM operates by consensus, where all attending municipal members must agree upon decisions. Organization decisions will only be made at scheduled meetings when a quorum is present. A quorum is defined as 25% of paid municipal members present. Municipal members will have a single vote regardless of their population base. Affiliate members have no vote.

STORM elects a management board annually to help organize and guide operations. The board consists of five members elected by consensus of the municipal members for a one fiscal year term. Board members may be reelected to the board for an unlimited number of terms. The election of board members is conducted at the annual meeting held in June of each year.

STORM Incorporation Documents

STORM Bylaws

2015 Tax Return


Tres Rios Nature Festival
03/05/16 9am - 3pm

Tres Rios Nature Festival
03/06/16 9am - 3pm

AZ Stormwater Summit 2016

Glendale’s Surviving the Summer Festival
Fountain Park 67851 N. Sunset Blvd, Glendale

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