Pool Maintenance

One of the most refreshing things is to hop into your pool on those hot Arizona summer days. With that pool comes maintenance requirements, though. The pool has to be backwashed, drained and refilled, maybe repairs need to be made, if the pool turns green it may be necessary to drain and refill it, and after those big storms when the pool gets too full and needs to be pumped down. These necessities sometimes require the disposal of pool water away from the property.

It is very important that you or your pool company think before discharging any pool water from your property into the street. There are different rules for each municipality and even some HOAs. Some communities allow discharge of pool water into the street with certain exceptions and others do not allow it at all. Some require a permit before discharging and some ask that you notify them before discharging into the sanitary sewer cleanout at your house. Contact your HOA to ask if they have any rules that you must follow and visit the Members & Sponsors and click on the appropriate municipality to learn more about their requirements for discharging pool water.



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