Pesticides, Herbicides and Fertilizers

Pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers are one of the most challenging categories of storm water pollutants to address. They are carried to urban lakes, washes, and rivers in the runoff from rainfall. They are toxic to fish as well as to the humans who eat the fish. Whether you do the yard work yourself or hire a landscaper, keep these products out of the storm water system.

Never throw pesticides, insecticides, or fertilizers in the trash or into a storm drain. Take the unused product to a household hazardous waste collection center.

Best Management Practices for Lawn Products:

  • Follow label instructions precisely.
  • When applying these products, remember the motto "More is NOT better". Excess product will not be absorbed into the soil, it will be carried off into the storm water system when it rains.
  • Don't over-water your lawn. Excess water can be discharged into the street from the sprinkler system carrying these pollutants to the storm drain system.
  • Use non-toxic alternative products to control weeds and add nutrients to your lawn.

Best Management Practices for Pesticides/Insecticides/Fungicides:

  • Follow label instructions precisely.
  • If you apply the product yourself, use the least toxic, safest, and most environmentally friendly product available for the job.
  • Use only the amount and concentration needed for the job.
  • Ask your pest-control company to use the least toxic, safest and most environmentally friendly product available for the job.
  • Try to find and use a non-toxic alternative to control pests and insects.



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