STORM Representative(s)

Leigh Padgitt, CPMSM, NGICP
City of Phoenix, WSD Environmental Services Division
2474 South 22nd Ave, Bldg 31

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Report a Problem

File a stormwater complaint online at:

Household Hazardous Waste/Solid Waste/Recycling
Normal Operating Hours: (602) 262-7251
After Hours: (602) 262-6011

Storm Drain / Standing Water Issues
Normal Operating Hours: (602)262-6441
After Hours: (602) 262-6011

Illegal Dumping
Normal Operating Hours: (602) 262-7251
After Hours: (602) 262-7251

Spill Events
Normal Operating Hours: (602) 256-3190
After Hours: (602) 256-3190

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Stormwater page

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