STormwater Outreach for Regional Municipalities (STORM)

STORM is a regional organization promoting stormwater quality education within the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. STORM uses a multimedia approach targeting audiences through radio, television, special events, and providing permit information to the general public and the regulated community.

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"Stormwater in the Desert"

Arizona STormwater Outreach for Regional Municipalities (or AZSTORM, for short) needs your help educating adults about stormwater here in the desert. You CAN make a difference! Middle school students have the math, science, writing, and computer skills to understand the complexities and concerns about stormwater. In STORMWATER IN THE DESERT, you’ll learn about and practice science concepts with the weather cycle, land topography, watersheds, stormwater, pollution, flood safety, and other topics. You can construct your own watershed, test a collection of surfaces, and try your hand at cleaning up polluted water! Also, venture into cyberspace with interactive stormwater games, exercises and links to useful websites.

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Washing Your Vehicle
Detergents, cleansers, and solvents used while washing your vehicle can cause stormwater pollution...
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Vehicle Maintenance
For do-it-yourselfers, performing car maintenance at your home is a good way to keep busy and save money...
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Construction Permits
Stormwater discharges associated with construction activities can cause physical, chemical, and biological...
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